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Process Automation – Automate Finance For The Future

What we do:

  • Powered by SolveXia, we help finance departments to speed up processes, mitigate key person dependency, become more agile and scalable.
  • We automate data preparation, reporting and analytics for so that finance specialists can spend more time on analysis, innovation and their customers.
  • We liberate specialists from manual work.

SolveXia Digital Production Line (DPL)

A visual, low-code/no-code environment to design automated processes that ingest and combine enterprise data and engines to process that data to produce analysis, insights and information.

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Process Mapping & Design

Visualise critical data and reporting processes as a series of easy-to-interpret steps. Rapidly create processes to ingest and process data from any source or file format.

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Data Manipulation Library

Leverage a library of 100+ data manipulation instructions to automatically combine, cleanse and validate data and perform complex calculations.

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Embeddable Workflow

Inject powerful workflow capabilities into business processes including email-based approval and data requests & collection.
Send alerts via email and SMS.

Powered by SolveXia

The SolveXia Digital Work Platform is an integrated suite of tools to help accelerate the delivery and reduce the complexities of managing enterprise-scale data processes and applications. SolveXia helps non-IT departments (like Finance or Actuarial) deliver automated solutions for critical business processes.

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