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Cyber Safe Insights, Action Learning & Machine Learning

To take our clients beyond that of their competitors, Quantimetrics has carefully selected, proven and successful digital platform providers to work with, that offer cost effective Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions that have disrupted target markets. These currently span fintec, edutec and cybertec.

What we do:

  • We help you realise the value of your data and how you use it as a competitive advantage.
  • We provide clearer insight using advanced analytics and AI to improve financial performance across a broad range of metrics.
  • We provide smart predictability in today’s uncertain times
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Cyber Security & Cyber Risk Management

KYND is a new and pioneering cyber risk management technology that can be applied to any business. Aiming to stop cyber risk impacting businesses of all sizes. KYND is a trusted cyber risk expert – keeping an eye out for risks and helping businesses take immediate action as soon as needed.

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Action Learning

Activating behavioural change at scale, Cognician helps you scale your ideal employee’s and leaders behaviours.
Cognician provides digital coaching programs deliver life-changing learning at lower cost than instructor-led training, and in half the time.

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AI, Machine Learning & Data Analytics

Convert the Excel spreadsheets into online systems instantly. Spreadsheet users, data scientists and developers who want other people or systems to use their models use Acumen for scalability and agility. Underpinned by machine learning capabilities for financial services companies including Retain; Convert; Lead Manager and Credit.

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