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Software Quantity Surveying

While software delivery does not depend of traditional bills of material, it does rely on effective cost management in the achievement of economic value. Programme funding should not be approved, without the considered opinion and signoff of the Quantity Surveyor as a member of the project board. This article describes how to apply these principles to software investments.

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Software Procurement Value

The “build or buy” dilemma continues to perplex decision makers concerned with tooling the business with IT solutions. One of the challenges facing most CIOs today is how to demonstrate greater value to their stakeholders, while delivering quicker, cheaper and with improved quality. CIOs should be able to routinely and objectively judge whether the business is getting value for money for the software it procures and uses, to support its business operations and goals.

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Life Insurance – Analysis of Change

This case study examines an Australian financial services provider which used SolveXia's automated solution to fix its analysis of change problem.

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Reconciliation Of Wholesale Banking Transactions

This case study focuses on a multinational bank which used SolveXia's automated processes to fix its reconciliation of wholesale banking transactions problem.

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Harold Sharp – Making Tax Digital

Harold Sharp needed a way to automatically convert raw data from any of the various transaction processing systems used by their clients into a clean, consistent format that could be imported into their accounting software. In addition to ensuring an automated and auditable process, and saving time for staff, Harold Sharp also needed the data transformations to be auditable and able to be executed by any staff member (not just those with intimate knowledge of the transformations that are…

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