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Measure, benchmark & improve

  • We help our clients benchmark and improve the success of their software and digital delivery, mitigating risks of overrun or non-delivery.
  • We provide objective assessment of performance against peers, competitors and suppliers underpinned by analytics, real benchmarks and industry data.
  • We quantify the scale and complexity of systems and projects to ensure appropriate resource allocation.
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Automate finance for the future

  • Powered by SolveXia, we help finance departments to speed up processes, mitigate key person dependency, become more agile and scalable.
  • We automate data preparation, reporting and analytics for so that finance specialists can spend more time on analysis, innovation and their customers.
  • We liberate specialists from manual work.

Intelligent insights to accelerate performance

  • We help you realise the value of your data and how you use it as a competitive advantage.
  • We provide clearer insight using advanced analytics and AI to improve financial performance across a broad range of metrics.
  • We provide smart predictability in today’s uncertain times
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