To help measure the truth about TODAY, Quantimetrics provides metrics and provides benchmarks to ensure that clients questions are answered and that their goals are achieved. We also help formulate the questions so that they can be objectively answered. Typical questions include:

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  • What is fair value for this systems acquisition?
  • What would it cost to replace the system(s)?
Software and IP value
  • Have we paid a fair price for what the supplier has delivered?
  • Does this proposal reflect value for money?
  • To what extent are we overspending on cloud services?
Price Benchmarks
  • What are typical costs and time-lines for a project similar to ours project?
  • To what extent does the supplier or internal team have the capability/capacity to deliver according to the proposal/contract?
Due Diligence
  • Are the current application maintenance costs acceptable?
  • To what extent does the application portfolio require ongoing maintenance?
  • Which applications bear the highest maintenance overheads?
Portfolio Health Checks